Our Talent

Colin 'Koolein' Wijnholds

Stage & Show Host
Colin is undeniably the most respected and talented desk host active in the Benelux. He is on the verge of his international breakthrough, having already made his successful debut at the League of Legends’ EUM tournament. English or Dutch, he is fluent and skilled in both and can hold his own in every popular esports title.

Maurits 'Chronicler' Meeusen

Maurits has not only conquered the Benelux scene, but has also proven his worth in the UK. With those credentials, he is also about to break through internationally, but he still has a soft spot for the local scene. Similarly to Colin, both the Dutch and English language hold no secrets for him.

Xavier-Sigi 'Xsodus' Osselaer

Plowing through years’ worth of footage, perfecting his knowledge about the League of Legends scene has catapulted Xavier-Sigi into his role as a full-time caster. Determined to reach the top, he is one of Belgium’s finest talents, with his skills on display on a weekly basis.

Bart ‘Moswarm’ Daemen

With his extensive knowledge of the League of Legends scene, thanks to his years of experience as a player and coach, Bart has proven that he is one of the Benelux’ best shoutcasters. His ability to bring you right into the action, as if you were the one playing, is an extraordinary feat to behold.

Omar 'Woong' Van Vynckt

There are very few people with the extensive League of Legends knowledge that Omar possesses. He has played competitively for many years, which has helped to cement his position in the Benelux scene, but his in-depth expertise of the game, the meta, the champions and the teams are unparalleled. He is the ideal League of Legends analyst.

Robert Jan 'RJ' Kortooms

RJ ‘s iconic British accent made him stand out among his peers and helped him quickly move up the ranks of aspiring shoutcasters. Having already stood alongside iconic casters like Thiadrik “Toldersma” Oldersma, it is clear that the road ahead for RJ is a promising one and that he is ready for a leading role in the Benelux soon.

Hanaï 'Mowglitch' Borst

Despite still considered an upcoming talent as a (desk) host, Hanaï has already earned her stripes in the Benelux market thanks to her energetic and refreshing personality. She is also quite experienced as an analyst and as a connoisseur of the overall Dutch esports world, paving the way to multiple career paths in which she will undoubtedly excel.

Annelies 'Bubblizzy' Maltha

Stage & Show Host
Need enthusiasm on stage or someone to fire up the crowd? Annelies is the perfect person to have as both a stage and / or show host, for your gaming and non-gaming content. Her smooth voice and welcoming character will tie your show together unlike anyone has done before.